Alarnik & Herionth

They say that dawn brings new hope. But in Alarnik's case it was dusk that set him of in his new life. A life of community and purpose. The things he had been looking for since he had left the Smith's hall to look after his younger brother. 
Alarnik hurried to the Sands on this joyful evening. Alarnik couldn't help smiling. He was proud and felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The best thing about this all was that Derison would be with him. No longer would Derison be his younger brother, they'd be equal. And both would be taken care of in the Weyr.
Alarnik stepped onto the Sands in the white traditional robes. Derison was standing beside him. All sounds quieted down till only the humming of the dragons was audible. Soon the first egg cracked. A green... then a brown...
Time faded and it only returned halfway through the hatching when Alarnik saw three eggs hatch. A brown, a big dark blue and a green. The two males squabbled a bit while the green made her choice easily. Not much later Alarnik saw the brown cautiously sniffing his robe. The gesture was so familiar that Alarnik didn't hesitate to respond:
"It's ok Herionth, I won't bite."
"Just making sure..." the brown said a whole deal more relaxed, "Can we go eat?"

"Noooo... She's too pretty." Herionth said.
"If I say we can chase them then I mean we can." Al'nik said.
"Could I?" Herionth said on that tone that meant victory for Al'nik.
"Shall I sign you up?" the young brownrider asked.
"What if I can't catch her?"
"Then we will try again. Aim high, that's how I got you."
"I chose you, remember?"
"Yes, but what if I had attracted the very first blue to hatch?"
"You wouldn't!" Herionth yelled out, "I needed you."
"And I knew that too. You knew I was right for you so trust me when I say we can chase this beauty."
"She is very pretty." the brown commented, "But there are bronzes flying!"
"That just means we'll have to be extra charming."
Two years had gone by since Herionth had hatched. Al'nik, now 22, still had his short brown hair blue eyes and tanned skin. It was almost like he hadn't changed at all, but he had. Herionth had matured him further. The hot-headedness had left him and had been replaced by more calculating reason. But though he had enough attention from the other gender he was beginning to feel the need for someone to get more close too. If not the rider from gold Alequveyth, then maybe the next. Somewhere he would find someone to help settle him down. Maybe he got lucky... as lucky as with Herionth.

Herionth is flying at Darkling Dawn



Alarnik and Derison are Candidates at Talis Weyr
Chaser was adopted at Dawnsisters Weyr
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