Derison &Zegth

Derison looked out in the night. It was almost the same type of night as the night they had been searched, but was that a good or a bad omen? Carefully he stepped on the Sands and nodded to his brother who was already standing there.
Alarnik was smiling. The first smile Derison had seen on his brother's face in weeks. Of course he would impress. That was a given fact, but Derison wasn't too sure about himself. He was thin, pale and looked like a girl. If he got something it would be a green which wasn't at all to his liking. Maybe it beat getting nothing but a green... it would be impossible to find girls after that. Not that he had much chance at the present time.
The hatching started and Derison looked at the eggs, choking every time a green came in his direction. Suddenly he looked up and saw his brother getting a brown. Alarnik left the sands and Derison felt alone, very alone. His brother had always been there, but who would be there for him now?
A tangle of blue and green got his attention. The green was helped by a girl who promptly impressed her while the blue strode towards the boys. Eyeing them he stopped moving his head when he reached Derison. Flapping his wings in joy he ran towards him and said:
"D'ison! I think you're perfect!"
He does? Derison, or rather D'ison now, thought awed by the possibility. 
"My name is Zegth." the blue added nudging D'ison to the food waiting outside.

"But I want to!" Zegth whined.
"I'm only 17, too young for a mating flight." D'ison said.
"Pfft... yet you weren't too young to do those things with Indra in the bushes... I felt you!" Zegth replied.
"But... She wanted me, what if the rider doesn't like me on a mating flight?"
"Do you think she'll have time to notice? If she really hates your guts then she won't let her dragon pick you. Besides... this is a trial run. I want to see what I can do. Askabeth's regular mate is participating too."
"That's another thing... they're lesbians!"
"Don't you usually like short flings?"
"Sure... as much as the next bluerider, but it feels weird. Besides she wouldn't like me" D'ison commented.
"There you are again with the not liking. I liked you remember. I could have taken anyone else but I wanted you."
"That's different. You knew who I was."
"Won't she?"
"I'm not that attractive and secure around girls..."
"That's not what Indra told you." Zegth teased. "For me? Please???"
"You better loose if you know what's good for you." D'ison ended the conversation and added his and Zegth's name to the flight board.

Zegth is flying at Lantessama Isle



Alarnik and Derison are Candidates at Talis Weyr
Chaser was adopted at Dawnsisters Weyr
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