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Name: Amasia
Age: in her 60s
Gender: Female

Description: A grey-haired, blue-eyed woman with a pointy chin, large nose. She is by no means big but carries a presence that makes her hard to overlook. Although the head-mistress can definitely tone down her presence as she has a habit of sneaking up on people.
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Behaviour: Amasia is the head of the hall but she leaves most of the actual running of the school to her aid and adopted daughter Blanca. But this does not mean that she has adopted a relaxed lifestyle. Amasia is still as busy as she was when she was running the hall. She is especially good at collecting information and she uses her vast network to advance the status of the hall and to safeguard it from danger.

Job: Head Mistress of Remyndal Hall
Information Broker
Generally the one woman everyone is scared of.
Hobbies: Matchmaking students to Weyrs
Pets: --

Family: Amasia never married, her parents are deceased and she has lost touch with her siblings as they're spread across the entirety of Pern. Amasia considers some of the teachers at Remyndal Hall as her children and the students as her grandchildren. The one she is closest to is Blanca.
Home: Remyndal Hall


Name: Amasisk
Gender: Female

Description: Amasisk is a bright purple wher hybrid with large headknobs and spiked eyeridges. She has short fur all over her body and gemstones seem to be attached to her back, shoulder, thighs and tail. They are peachy orange in colour, complementing her golden eyes. Her small wings aren't big enough to sustain flight, but they make her more agile on the ground. A long ridge f spikes runs down her back and her tail is forked. Though she has clawed paws on her front limbs, her back limbs are equipped with hooves.
Species: Skala-Wher
Parents: Cohrah Dehnlahlee x Dunask
Behaviour: Fluffy and easygoing, Amasisk is known for her friendliness among the students of Remyndal. But don't be fooled, this guard wher does her job well. Any students sneaking around behind hours will be caught and ushered back to their rooms/houses. Any actual threats will be dealt with. Amasisk is cared for by the staff of the hall, and she lets every new teacher know that the way to her heart can only be achieved by offering her milk (or cheese).
Abilities: Telepathy - the ability to communicate mind to mind.
Verbal Speech - the ability to communicate verbally (ie. with spoken sound)
Teleportation - Location transferal via null-space/‘between’
Nexus Teleportation - Inter-dimensional transport to other worlds
Gliding - Wings don't allow for full flight but can sustain a long glide.
Earth Manipulation - Can sense and summon certain ores, stones and gems from within the earth.

Hatched at: Dawn Watch Weyr

Lantessama Isle