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Morris returned from the depths of the earth and stepped in the sun, squinting a bit against the sun. A large form suddenly stepped in front of him, blocking the sun. His eyes adjusted back to the shadow and soon they could discern the bronze coloured hide of his dragon.
"Did you get what you wanted?" Witseth asked.
"Most of it." Morris nodded.
The miner would still have to return to the mine some other day to look for the other materials he needed to teach his classes. Sure he could ask the other miners to look out for what he needed but that just wasn't the same. Morris liked to pick his own examples. 
Next to him the bronze dragon eyed the sack that stood next to his rider.
"Are you sure that one isn't overfilled? I don't want to have it break during flight. AGAIN."
Morris shook his head, "You're never going to let me forget about that."
"It concerns general safety." Witseth clarified.
"I have an extra sack so I can divide the load."
The two carried on with their tasks and Morris' mind wandered to when he'd impressed. He honestly hadn't been searched. He'd been sent to the Weyr as an ambassador for Remyndal. Though thinking back, maybe High Mistress Amasia had intended for just this to happen. She had a way of getting her way. So there he'd been, unsuspecting and a bit nervous to attend such an event when that one small egg had hatched. The riders watching the egg had figured it had to be a dud since no-one had ever seen it move. But on hatching day, it shattered right at the end, spilling a very small bronze but still decently sized dragon on the sands. Witseth had been amazingly mature from the start. 
"You're smiling." Witseth remarked, "Does our meeting give you warm feelings?"
"How could it not?" Morris replied.
"I did change your life."
"But not in a bad way."
"I could still rebel and cause you trouble." Witseth joked.
"I can't even imagine it." Morris smiled.
"Not even if I want to go chase a gold or green?"
"I honestly doubt you'd give me trouble with that. Though if you win I wouldn't be able to teach for a while. But that's what leave of absences are for. It might be interesting to see that side of the life of a dragonrider."

To be continued?

Lantessama Isle