Lantessama Isle is located on the planet Syl'Neriss and offers online dragon adoptions. Visit the Sands or the Bay if you want to adopt a dragon. Visit the Dunes if you'd prefer a cute pet. Want more information about Lantessama and the Dragons? Then head for the Library or the Records. And in the Elsewhere-section you'll find links to other similar adoption agencies in the vast space of the nexus. Enjoy your stay!


In the News: 

Dragon Clutch on the Sands, 
6-10 eggs

Coral Clutch in the Bay, 
?? eggs

Upcoming Clutches

15/01/2022 Nekrat Clutch 9 hatched. An unknown nummer of mysterious eggs have turned up in the coral reefs around the ocean.  
01/12/2021 Clutch 25 hatched. New Clutch on the sands. 
28/11/2021 Halloween clutch hatched today. A few sponsors are left, links will be added when I get them. 
21/11/2021 Reorganised the records page a bit. Since I don't have officially seperate festival sands anymore and there won't be as many, I'll be incorporating them into either the bays or sands records.
01/10/2021 Clutch 24 hatched. New Clutch on the Sands.


Regular Dragons: 184

Nekrats: 54 Holiday Dragons: 654 Gem Dragons: 53 Shadow Dragons: 38 Flower Dragons: 66