Chapter 4: The Dragon

It was a beautiful day at Cy Dragonstake when the eggs decided to hatch. It was one of the first days that had been marked as likely to have the hatching on them, and maybe surprisingly the calculations had been right. Smack dab in the middle of the appointed day, with all candidates waiting eagerly around the hatching sands did Nevalith's eggs finally start wobbling.
Fyr, as anxious to get a dragon as the others, quickly filed in. There had to be said something in favour of dragon worlds... Fyr had seen people stranger than her pass by unnoticed in the large community. No-one had tried to take advantage of her gift -safe herself since lighting fires was easier when you could just spark them with your mind.
So it was that a new Fyr walked upon the Sands. A Fyr that was surprisingly confident and happy about herself. A grinning young woman who was sharing some jokes with the other candidates.
Suddenly the seven candidates arranged themselves. The eggs were wobbling harder now and it felt like everyone was holding their breath. Though not in Fyr's mind. She had been around quite a lot of dragons now and knew more about her gentle companions. But now and then an eviller presence had gotten to her. Those voices still frightened her.
Small voices and thoughts, high and determined echoed in her head, too soft to actually hear, but she knew they were there. The first egg smashed open, it's shell flying everywhere. A female dragon, red-orange in a spectacular glowing hue -the glitz she had inherited from her sire- walked out. Wobbling she extended her wings for balance.
A thought became clearer in Fyr's mind as the other whispers were filtered out. 
"I like you Fyr." the voice said.
Fyr stood silent for a moment... thinking, then finally she asked: "Are you  saying you can keep the harmful spirits out, Ignis?"
"Yes, it might not work on some of the more powerful ones but I'm sure that we can get around that. Maybe we can even get them to do what WE want!"
"I'm not so sure about that but I think that I know something that we should do before all of this."
Ignis' jaw dropped in a grin. "Food?"

"Of course," said Fyr as she led her new bond off the sands.

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Fyr is a Candidate at Cy DragonStake



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