Name Fyr
Age 15
Gender Female
Appearance Fyr is long and slender. She has a pale skin and long red hair. Her eyes are blue. Fyr likes to keep to herself, staying out of the spotlights.
Doll made at Josie's Dollz
Thoughts From as long as she can remember, Fyr has been visited by 'spirits'. Beings from other places and times possessing her for a few moments, seeing the world through her eyes. For all but Fyr herself it is hard to tell the difference between what she does and what the 'spirits' are doing.
Special Power Aside from her openness of mind Fyr can set things on fire with her mind.
Home World Gremyne

Fyr is a Candidate at Cy DragonStake



Background was made by me,
table tops were created from a divider found at Sneugle's Tubes and the Fern-lines came from here.