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The call for the candidates to come and impress came in the middle of night. Hastily Rain got from her bed, tangled a few ribbons in her hair, jumped into a hatching gown and then ran out of the room she shared with some of the other female candidates for Masnith's clutch. For once her experience with being late was an advantage. She ran with long strides to the hatching ground, arriving there just in time to see a green hatching. The green past her by though and bonded one of her roommates. 
With renewed hope, Rain focused on the other eggs. One of those would hold the right dragon for her. Or the other way around, she would be right for the dragon inside one of those eggs. Two more eggs hatched and two more green dragons showed themselves. It was the second to announce her name that also mentioned hers.
"Mother, my rider is now Rain and I am Mezith!"
Looking straight at her the green dragoness seemed to beckon for Rain to come closer. Rain obliged, feeling the rightness of what she was doing. The dragon seemed to purr in her head, thanking her for listening.
"You are mine now and I am yours." Mezith whispered in her head.
"That's wonderful." Rain answered, following her dragon and the two other new greenrider pairs toward the feeding area.

"Oh no" Rain called out, "I missed the wing meeting."
"Want to time back?" Mezith suggested.
"Better not." Rain sighed, "We've been doing that so often I think there might be more than a dozen of me around."
"That's not really true..." Mezith said trying to think of a way to explain metaphysics to her bond. She gave up quickly though.
"What was the meeting about?"
"About our upcoming schedules. We were supposed to sign up for training and formations."
Rain sighed and made peace with her punishment, "I'll probably get off with some extra cleaning duty and a pat on the wrists. You don't have to worry about it Mezith."
"What if we sign up for a flight." Mezith suddenly interjected.
"You know, if I fly we can't train or fly formations. We'd be stuck in the hatching caverns."
"How did you come up with that?"
Slightly blushing, the green dragoness said: "I've been thinking about it for a while."
"It could solve my problems." Rain said.
"I will need to fly eventually anyway." Mezith added.
"Let's time back and sign ourselves up."

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