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Name: Rain
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Description: Rain has long dark brown hair she likes to keep tied in two long pony tails that give her an innocent look. She has hazel eyes that make her look even more like a five-year old girl with no sense of right and wrong. Her skin is tanned from being outside wearing shorts and t-shirts and there is a smile set on her face that not often disappears, except maybe when she is being scolded.
Image from: Dookyweb Avatars
Behaviour: Rain always manages to be late, she is easily distracted and can spend hours walking without noticing the time going by. This has not made her loved with her classmates and teachers, but Rain figures that in her line of work she won't need social skills much anyway.

Studying: Message Runner
Hobbies: Running, Hiking, Explaining why she is late and why it's not her fault.
Pets: --

Family: Rain has 5 younger brothers and sisters. Since her mother died she has been taking care of them as much as she can to help out her father, but she can only do so much and go to school. She would drop that as well, but her father encourages her to stay and study.
Home: Marrilian Hold



Name: Mezith
Gender: Female

Description: A forest green dragon, with bright green wings and calm blue eyes, Mezith has not a bad bone in her body.
Behaviour: Mezith is always friendly and caring, ready to get her rider out of problems and helping her time her way back to being on time in stead of rushing and being late. They are a good pair, completing each other's weaknesses.

Hatched at: Bremek Weyr


Lantessama Isle