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As the dragons’ humming reached its peak, the candidates were led in and formed a loose ring around the eggs as Yriath arched her neck over her eggs, partially spreading her wings proudly. Just as she began to settle down, the first of her eggs broke open - and the first seemed to set off all the others in a crescendo of shattering shells.
There were a half a dozen murmurs in the sands as two bronzes were first to emerge. Which one had been first was hard to debate and would be argued long into that night by some at the Gather, but the traditional good omen made many breath a sigh of relief after the horrible events almost three months ago.
Glistening wings, ungainly limbs, and sand covered tails soon replaced the eighteen eggs that had been rocking only a few minutes ago. People were already clapping as three hatchlings seemed to steal the show - a white, silver, and copper. Yriath seemed to glare up at Ybavhanth even though Yenna was clapping with delight that the sire’s Alskyrian lineage had made itself known. 
As dragonets bolted forward to search for their lifelong partner, one little bronze hesitated before making his way toward the line of boys and impressed. Around the quite oblivious pair, two girls were trying to blockade a little green who began the encounter hissing and growling in rage before that quickly turned to fear before she started to cry out in fear. This caused Yriath to turn to her hatchling and hiss a warning but before the queen or the bronze sire could do anything, the hatchling found her way blocked by Alissa who crossed her arms. “I heard that, Tazaith...that was not nice.”
The green blinked.
 I didn’t see you...where were you? Tazaith almost demanded. But Alissa only smiled and hugged her dragon as she tried to explain. Not that many could give rational thought to their emotions during Impression.

Alissa practiced a familiar melody on her guitar, letting the soft and lilting tune take her mind away on the breeze. Her days had been full of training and caring and it felt good to relax with her music. Tazaith had grown considerable from the little green hatchling she'd been and was now able to stay on her own.
"Well not completely." a familiar voice sounded in her mind, "I still need you to scratch those places I can't reach."
"Only if you scratch my back where I can't reach." Alissa answered the little joke they often shared. 
"My pleasure." Tazaith rumbled, "What was that melody called?"
"Greensleeves. I've been told it's very old."
"I like it."

Looking out over the landing flat, Alissa couldn't contain her excitement. After training and duty, she and Tazaith were now considered a full-fledged rider and dragon pair. And although the time seemed to have flown, she had been gone from her homehold for more than a year. She wondered how everyone else was doing. She'd heard her brother Noe had impressed, as had her friend Rain, but not much more than that. In the last letter she'd received, Noe had asked her to meet him at Remyndal on this day. 
"I can't wait to meet the other humans and their dragons." Tazaith said.
"I know the humans are friendly so I guess their dragons will be as well."
"I hope so." Tazaith said, a bit uncertain.
"If you don't like them we don't have to stay for long." Alissa said.
"But you want to be with your family."
"Yes, but not if it makes you unhappy. But it will all work out."
Tazaith nodded, gave Alissa a leg up and then launched in the sky. Relying on Alissa's mental image of Remyndal Hall, they appeared a little distance away from the hall. 
"I see them!" Alissa called out as she spotted a blue and green dragon next to her friends.
Tazaith touched down and was rewarded with a friendly nuzzle from Mezith and a mental whistle from Rozith.
"Keep it down, Rozith, that's my sister's dragon." Noe sighed.
"I'm just giving a compliment." the blue dragon winked.
"Don't mind them." Rain laughed, "they haven't changed a bit."
"Where's Zayno?" Noe asked.
"He's flying in later, he still had some work to do. You'll be surprised when you see his dragon."
Without a hitch the 3 humans picked up where they left up, their dragons easily joining in the bond they shared. 

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