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As the dragons’ humming reached its peak, the candidates were led in and formed a loose ring around the eggs as Yriath arched her neck over her eggs, partially spreading her wings proudly. Just as she began to settle down, the first of her eggs broke open - and the first seemed to set off all the others in a crescendo of shattering shells.
There were a half a dozen murmurs in the sands as two bronzes were first to emerge. Which one had been first was hard to debate and would be argued long into that night by some at the Gather, but the traditional good omen made many breath a sigh of relief after the horrible events almost three months ago.
Glistening wings, ungainly limbs, and sand covered tails soon replaced the eighteen eggs that had been rocking only a few minutes ago. People were already clapping as three hatchlings seemed to steal the show - a white, silver, and copper. Yriath seemed to glare up at Ybavhanth even though Yenna was clapping with delight that the sire’s Alskyrian lineage had made itself known. 
Of the three Alskyrian colorations, the silver was the last to make his choice. He went to one candidate who burst into tears thinking she had been chosen, only to be left heartbroken when the silver moved to a young boy who, also thinking he had Impressed, stood sputtering as the name of the silver dragon did not come to his mind. Finally, after a few more ‘failed’ attempts, the silver brushed against Zayno who was trying to avoid the crowd as much as possible. There were only eighteen eggs, but J’ren always liked to give the dragonets enough choice so there were well over thirty candidates - or had been. All he wanted at that moment was to run and hide somewhere.
When something brushed his hand, however, he looked down with a focused relief as his eyes met that of the silver. “Oh...” was all he said before hugging Sominth with tears of relief. Not only had he bonded a dragon...he could now get away from this overwhelming crowd!

Sominth pondered over his options. Eating some beef would be nice. But then the pork option looked pretty appealing as well. But which option would be better?  
"Beef would be better for building muscle." Zayno remarked.
"True." Sominth commented and went for the beef.
"And you can take the pork tomorrow, it's always either of the two."
"We'll see." Sominth replied not wanting to make a decision quite so far in advance. Who knows, they might get fish tomorrow which was always a rare treat. 

Flexing his wingspans in the sun, the warm light brightening the dull sheen of his silver wings, Sominth felt quite accomplished. He'd grown considerable from the hatchling he'd been and he was in great shape, training as he'd been during the last half year with the other weyrlings. 
"You could use some extra muscle though." Sominth told his rider.
"Who me?" I'm fit too." Zayno replied amused.
The two of them were sitting on the grass of a sunny clearing in the forest. Zayno felt right at home and was more relaxed than usual. Even if he'd gotten to know a lot of the people of Isla, the sheer size of the weyr still baffled him. 
"You're a string bean." Sominth complained.
"Blame my parents for their lanky body types."
"I'm just working on my specs." Sominth said, tasting the foreign word.
""What do my muscles have to do with you?"
"I've heard it said a rider's wishes influence his or her dragon greatly."
Laughing, Zayno took a while to compose his thoughts before he said: "Not all women like muscled men. Do you have a dragoness in mind? I can try to sway her rider with some sweets or candy before the flight. Bribes might work."
"Not yet. I'm looking."
Knowing his dragon full well Zayno figured he'd have years still before the problem presented itself.
"Maybe I should narrow down your options with my own preferences?" he tried.
"I'll see."
(rest to be added when we find a dragoness he likes enough) 

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