Lantessama Isle is located on the planet Syl'Neriss and offers online dragon adoptions. Visit the Sands or the Bay if you want to adopt a dragon. Visit the Dunes if you'd prefer a cute pet. Want more information about Lantessama and the Dragons? Then head for the Library or the Records. And in the Elsewhere-section you'll find links to other similar adoption agencies in the vast space of the nexus. Enjoy your stay!


In the News: 

Clutch on the Sands 
4-8 eggs

Nekrat Clutch in the Bay
Unknown number of eggs

Upcoming Clutches

01/02/2024 Sforzando's clutch hatched and a new wild nekrat clutch is in the bay.
06/01/2024 Undroth's Clutch hatched. Cwerty's clutch will hatch as blue, green, copper or a combination.
01/10/2023 The Island Court Clutch hatched, a new clutch is in the bay.
01/09/2023 The Hathian mini frenzy hatched 45 babies.


Dragons: 222

Nekrats: 109

Court: 20 Festival: 890 Gems: 109 Plants: 66 Shadows: 38