Isla Weyr




Mist lay heavily on the coastline of Falas Island when the low humming rose into the air. On the dunes lay the last brood of Falas Weyr. On the heights, dragons that had chosen do doze through the night rose, echoing the cry of the Weyrleader’s dragon, Zenith. Yakima had passed away early that morning and Rhiath had strangely abandoned her clutch.
The light of the misty dawn was eerie and painful for some to watch as the candidates, dressed in white garments, came across the bowl and to the Hatching Sands. Unlike most hatchings, this one was expected for the morning. Gerlana and Seneca had woken the candidates an hour before the sunset dragon had began his beckon. None, it seemed, were sleepy now. Nor were those that had come to watch this final Weyr hatching.
The eggs were rocking gently at first, then faster until a number of cracking shells resounded in the large, spacious cavern. In the silence that had settled over the sands the sound of the emerging dragons was magnified.
Halfway into the hatching a brown was being cornered by two of the boys, Evron and Xarles, a weyrbrat who was scared and tanned from too many days in the sun. As his black hair fell in his face, Xarles tried relentlessly to capture the brown from the other. The brown snapped at his hand suddenly and butted him out of the way.
Evron froze and blinked. "Spuluth! What was that for?"
"Keeping me from you, of course!"
You didn’t have to bite him, Evron scolded, turning to Xarles who was already standing.
"Sorry," he told the younger man.
"It’s alright. Wounds heal."
Then he left as a green and bronze had emerged. He still had plenty of chances to impress. After the green impressed, the bronze had been joined now by another green and two struggling whites. Ikron was watching breathlessly as the bronze moved around candidates and eggs toward him. When the hatchling was before him, he still wasn’t breathing.
"Can you breath before you look like a blue dragon?"  Nasionalth asked, tilting his head to the side.
Ikron let out a gasp, grinning.

            Brown Spuluth

Nasionalth took in a breath, held it for a few seconds and then let it out. He'd chewed some firestone before and indeed, he was able to produce a small flame. He hadn't been able to before. Even if it was small, it HAD been there.  Rejoicing, Nasionalth grinned and waited for his rider, ikron to pat him on the back.
Beside him Spuluth was trying to get the same effect, but all he produced was smoke. Dejected, the brown dragon looked for comfort in his rider Evron. Evron happily obliged and also patted his dragon's back.
"We'll get better with practice."
"Hmphh." Secarath interjected, "I would be able to produce flame."
"You can't try because you're a female." Nasionalth said.
"And you're a sexist." she hissed.
"Sexist?" Mireille asked, "Have you been hanging out with those Earthern dragonriders again?"
"But that's what it's called. Not being allowed to do something because of gender."
"Ah, but if all golds suddenly were to chew firestone, there wouldn't be anymore dragons in give or take a 100 years. Just think of that. Besides I know you would have been able to produce the biggest flame here." Mireille added and patted Secarath's back.
Secarath purred happily.

Spuluth had trained and grown considerably since the time he'd bitten the weyrbrats hand to keep him from impressing him when he knew his bond was someone else. He'd gone through some rough patches, but had also experienced some really amazing things. He had learned how to fly. He was able to produce flame and direct it like he was wielding a weapon. His agility had improved and his size and power had grown from being puny to being something to reckon with.
And still there was the last frontier. The one thing he hadn't tried yet. Like his bond, Spuluth was foremost passionate in nature. He went full out when he wanted something and this time would be no different.
"We should join a mating flight." he announced.
"I was thinking the same thing." Evron added.
"That's because I've been whispering to you while you sleep." Spuluth remarked.
"Those earthlings again?" Evron asked.
"What? they've got good ideas."
Evron caughed and let it pass. Even without subliminal messaging would the two of them joined a flight sooner or later. Evron too felt like the time had come to break free from the ties to his brother and Mireille. They would not miss him since they had each other.
"It's time for us to find that one." Spuluth nodded.
"Got a dragoness in mind?"
"Not particularly. What do you say about going on a trip too?"
"A trip might be nice. It's not like I have much left at Falas to keep me here."
"It's decided then. We'll visit the universe and somewhere, I shall find that one."

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