Isla Weyr




Mist lay heavily on the coastline of Falas Island when the low humming rose into the air. On the dunes lay the last brood of Falas Weyr. On the heights, dragons that had chosen do doze through the night rose, echoing the cry of the Weyrleader’s dragon, Zenith. Yakima had passed away early that morning and Rhiath had strangely abandoned her clutch.
The light of the misty dawn was eerie and painful for some to watch as the candidates, dressed in white garments, came across the bowl and to the Hatching Sands. Unlike most hatchings, this one was expected for the morning. Gerlana and Seneca had woken the candidates an hour before the sunset dragon had began his beckon. None, it seemed, were sleepy now. Nor were those that had come to watch this final Weyr hatching.
The eggs were rocking gently at first, then faster until a number of cracking shells resounded in the large, spacious cavern. In the silence that had settled over the sands the sound of the emerging dragons was magnified.
Halfway into the hatching a brown was being cornered by two of the boys, Evron and Xarles, a weyrbrat who was scared and tanned from too many days in the sun. As his black hair fell in his face, Xarles tried relentlessly to capture the brown from the other. The brown snapped at his hand suddenly and butted him out of the way.
Evron froze and blinked. "Sepuluth! What was that for?"
"Keeping me from you, of course!"
You didn’t have to bite him, Evron scolded, turning to Xarles who was already standing.
"Sorry," he told the younger man.
"It’s alright. Wounds heal."
Then he left as a green and bronze had emerged. He still had plenty of chances to impress. After the green impressed, the bronze had been joined now by another green and two struggling whites. Ikron was watching breathlessly as the bronze moved around candidates and eggs toward him. When the hatchling was before him, he still wasn’t breathing.
"Can you breath before you look like a blue dragon?"  Nasionalth asked, tilting his head to the side.
Ikron let out a gasp, grinning.

            Bronze Nasionalth

Nasionalth took in a breath, held it for a few seconds and then let it out. He'd chewed some firestone before and indeed, he was able to produce a small flame. He hadn't been able to before. Even if it was small, it HAD been there.  Rejoicing, Nasionalth grinned and waited for his rider, ikron to pat him on the back.
Beside him Spuluth was trying to get the same effect, but all he produced was smoke. Dejected, the brown dragon looked for comfort in his rider Evron. Evron happily obliged and also patted his dragon's back.
"We'll get better with practice."
"Hmphh." Secarath interjected, "I would be able to produce flame."
"You can't try because you're a female." Nasionalth said.
"And you're a sexist." she hissed.
"Sexist?" Mireille asked, "Have you been hanging out with those Earthern dragonriders again?"
"But that's what it's called. Not being allowed to do something because of gender."
"Ah, but if all golds suddenly were to chew firestone, there wouldn't be anymore dragons in give or take a 100 years. Just think of that. Besides I know you would have been able to produce the biggest flame here." Mireille added and patted Secarath's back.
Secarath purred happily.

Sun Secarath growled as she awoke. There was a sudden feel of superiority about the day that was quite pleasant to feel. Without much consideration to anyone's nightrest she got up and let herself fall from the cavern she and her rider had been given at Lantessama. It was odd to think of it as cavern and not as weyr so Secarath secretly kept calling it weyr. Thinking of that little secret made her feel even more special. She never once considered the fact that half the dragons at Lantessama called their caverns weyrs... why should she?
Secarath carefully spiralled down in the cool night air of Lantessama. No-one had seen her yet, her golden hide darkened in the shadows. She hovered above the animal pens and decided on which piece of cattle to feed on.
"Blood... not feed." the sleepy voice of her rider Mireille reached her.
Even in her subconscious she still tried to do what was best for her queen. Secarath had to admire that, but not for too long. Because today, was her day. Her flight.
The sun dragon blooded a few kills and then flew high up in the sky. She waited there for a few seconds, but still no-one had awoken... no-one had seen her. Was that watch dragon blind? She looked to one of the higher peaks where the watch dragon was supposed to be. And in fact there was a watch dragon. The silver hide of a moon was down below her, the eyes of the dragon on her.
"Why do you not chase me?" she asked the moon.
"I am more of a one that likes to be chased." the moon answered her amused.
"A female?!"
"From the day I hatched." the moon laughed. "Try bugling."
Secarath pondered a moment about the bugling. It wasn't how she had envisioned it... but then she could wait here for hours. And in the night she still had some advantage. After a little scraping of her throat Secarath opened her mouth wide and bugled in the night. Pleased she saw eyes opening all around the mountain peaks. The dragons were stirring.
"Catch me!" she yelled down and then flew away as fast as she could. A part of her wanted to get caught, but that part was still talking with a silent voice compared to the one that was screaming: "You'll never get caught!"
Down in the isle dragons woke up and launched themselves from their cavern entrances. Riders hastily stirred, asking their dragons what had happened. But the consternation from most of the male population was nothing compared to the consternation in Mireille's cavern. She too had been awakened by the bugle, but unlike most of the other riders she knew very well what the bugle meant. 
"Secarath!" she cried out, "What have you done!"
"Nothing, rider mine. I am just flying."
"But you haven't even been placed on the board!" Mireille said and silently adding: "What about your promise to let Nasionalth catch you?"
"Don't keep your thoughts from me... I can read them anyway. As for Nasionalth, he'll just have to catch me." Secarath said bluntly.
From a nearby cavern Ikron rushed into Mireille's Cavern. He was barely dressed though Mireille didn't notice that in her state. She was partly with Secarath flying, getting excited at the thought of all those males trying to catch her... but the other part, her true mind was sad and unwilling.
"What's happening?" he called to her, "Nasionalth just took off and won't talk to me!"
"Secarath's flying... and invited the whole isle to catch her." Mireille said crying.
Ikron kneeled down beside his lover and hugged her tight. "Now I know why Nasionalth isn't wasting time to talk to me. He is looking for her."
"But there must be a hundred males out there obscuring his sight!" Mireille said, "What if he's not the fastest?" she asked him frightened.
"Let them try get past me. I won't let anyone take you from me. Not after what I have sacrificed for you." Ikron promised her passionately. He too was getting back some excited feelings from his rayant now. Nasionalth had apparently found a lead.
High in the air the rayant hovered above most of the other colours. Where he was flying only a few opals and other rayants were also looking for the gold female seemingly only just out of their reach. But Secarath was nowhere to be seen, she knew better.
When she looked down however she noticed that she hadn't gone unnoticed for all. A small blue male, barely old enough to be a fledgeling flew below her, trying to fly higher and higher. The determined look on the dragon's face moved her, but she wasn't about to let herself be caught by a youngster half her age. 
Secarath flew higher and raced away from the blue. In doing so however she exposed herself. For a single moment she flew through the white rays of the moon and stars, her hide glowing like a beacon to all who were looking her way.
"I see her!" Nasionalth yelled through the telekinetic link with his bond and took off, as did about 20 other males, closely followed by the ones who hadn't seen the sun, but who followed the others trying to keep up. 
Secarath started a long series of exhausting manoeuvres to drive of the smaller dragons. The male blues, greens and purples soon found themselves low on energy though a few of the Lantessama born kept pursuing the female. To her amusement Secarath even saw a few opals racing past her, trying to be fast enough to lure her into an ambush a little down the way.
Too bad for them she wasn't really in the mood yet to be caught. The thrill of the chase, of being stronger and faster than all those males behind her was too much of a feeling to give up this soon. And by the way, she didn't really want to get caught by an opal she hadn't met already.
Plummeting down she evaded the opals and their plans. Of course flying down like this opened the flight back up for the dragons who couldn't fly as high. Old world browns and blues continued their chase, their hopes renewed by the gold's sudden fall.
Secarath turned and led her pursuers in a wide U-turn to the ocean. When she raced over the waves, not so much as slowed a fraction of her original speed most of the blues and greens let her go. There would be other females in the future. 
Even so there were still plenty of dragons following her. The majority rayant, flame, silver and earth. Here and there a patch of blood red or opal white lighted the stream of chasers. Relentless Secarath launched herself into another set of manoeuvres to shake of at least half of her followers. Again she climbed higher, straining to reach the moon. 
Nasionalth followed his mate, carefully ducking as dragons fell from the sky, drained from their energy or in packs of two or three dragons that had collided in mid air. He too rose, though he started to feel tired he wouldn't leave his queen now that she was so close. He knew he still had an advantage over some of the other dragons who had flown all over the isle looking for Secarath. When he reached the highest point in the loop Secarath had led them in he looked down. Only 5 dragons were now chasing his queen. He, two more rayants, a flame and an earth. Looking closely, the earth was breathing heavily and just about to give up. Perfect, one less to worry about.
Secarath too looked back and was pleased to see Nasionalth was still in the running. But he would have to do a little better if he expected to win her heart.
Halfway up the mountain-side Mireille and Ikron were only barely aware of their human bodies. Both were now dragons, flying in an exhilarating ballet. They came closer and closer. Breathing, feeling, wanting... yearning, but still it was not time yet give in. Some small part of them needed to stay aware of the flight, needed to keep track of who won.
Secarath rushed into a large front of clouds drifting over the calm water of the sea. Her hide became dampened and wet as she flew through the mists. It was harder for her to see now, but it would be the same for the males who entered after her. 
Rushing in and out of the covering white protection she kept an eye on her suitors. Most of them fell back, searching the clouds without knowing she had already left the first front and had entered a second. On her tail now were only one rayant, Nasionalth and the flame.
With only three more chasing her, she eased a bit. Let the first one catch her. She hovered in a small pocket of air that made her look like she was on entirely different planet. If she fell down, would the soft fluffy white hold her? Probably not, but maybe she could try it out later...
Finally the flame jumped into her vision. The male thought for a moment, deciding if there was maybe a mountain behind her where he would crash if he missed her. But apparently he decided against it. He rushed forward.
Secarath sighed a bit. It wasn't Nasi, but apparently this one was the fastest.
"Don't bet on it." Nasi said in her mind.
The rayant, who had flown under the white clouds, reached up and grabbed hold of Secarath's tail. He pulled though Secarath didn't struggle much. Once below the clouds they saw the flame rush over their heads, dazed by her sudden appearance.
"What no mountain for him to crash on?" Nasionalth asked.
"I couldn't run forever... What took you so long to catch me?"
"I don't know... a sun getting it in her head that I needed to prove myself stronger maybe?"
Halfway up the mountain two humans didn't follow the conversation of the two dragons as they drifted back down, arms and tails twisted together. They in fact had better things to do.

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