Isla Weyr




Name Evron
Age 22
Gender Male

Appearance Evron is tall, like his brother, but he has blond hair and blue eyes. Their built is about the same, though Evron is a bit taller than his older brother. Evron is wearing his regular guard uniform, tight grey pants and a purple shirt. 
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Thoughts Evron is rather passionate about his dreams and goals. He wants to become a high guardian more than anything in the world and therefore he focuses all his energy in that one idea.

Family Evron and his brother Ikron come from a long line of high guardians. They swore  that they'd honour their family's trade after their father (Sinek) left. Their mother (Yra) died when they were both still adolescents. They have no other siblings.
Pets Evron has impressed one green flitter called Idora
Homeworld Gremyne (Vlacbos Province)

Impressed Brown Spuluth at Falas Weyr

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