Isla Weyr




Name Mireille
Age 23
Gender Female

Appearance Mireille is rather tall with an energetic step. She has green eyes and bouncy gold-blond hair she keeps in a tail on most days. She has broad cheekbones giving her face a more triangular look. Her favourite colour is green and most of her dresses are too.
Dollbase from 2 Pixel
Thoughts Mireille is thinking about her upcoming classes at the Phoenix Temple. She is very lucky to have been chosen as a priestess and intends to do a good job, though she would thank for the honour if she could.

Family Mireille's mother (Eliane) and father (Trevore) are nobility in their little corner of the planet. Mireille is an only child and was therefore brought up to take over the land. However things didn't turn out as planned. 
Pets Mireille has impressed one bronze flitter called Gyne
Homeworld Gremyne (Vlacbos Province)

Impressed Gold Secarath at Falas Weyr

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