Isla Weyr




Name Ikron
Age 25
Gender Male

Appearance Ikron is tall and strongly build with a rather dark skin and brown eyes. He has long black hair that is cut in the traditional guardian way. The longer the hair, the better the guard. 
Ikron is wearing his uniform as a high ranking guard, grey trousers and a short blue shirt.
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Thoughts As a high guard Ikron is trusted with the lives of the nobility. He is sworn to keep them safe at all costs and to never interfere with their lives... and that's what bothers Ikron. He has a huge crush on Mireille, yet he cannot show her his love for he and she'd be banished. 

Family Ikron and his brother Evron come from a long line of high guardians. They swore  that they'd honour their family's trade after their father (Sinek) left. Their mother (Yra) died when they were both still adolescents. They have no other siblings.
Pets Ikron has impressed one white flitter called Ylmis
Homeworld Gremyne (Vlacbos Province)

Impressed Bronze Nasionalth at Falas Weyr

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